Mon, September 28, 1942

More signs today. Mary baked me an apple pie & did the boys go for it. It really tasted good. They got one of the stages cleaned out to sleep in & a temporary mess made up in the mill. We are supposed to move over there Thursday. Came in on the first truck again that let us out of there at 3:30. We are to get our 2nd tetanus shot at 6:00 tonite. Oh my. 

Thu, September 28, 1943

We had quite a storm last nite & most of the day. I awoke several times & thought the tent was going to blow over. It rained like cats & dogs all night. We slept in this morning & I was the first to wake up. And that was 4:00. I made a pot of coffee & then after the Capt wanted me to fix him up a stool & desk in the lab trailer. I was most of the day doing this & this evening I finished up Ronnie’s pictures so I can get them off this week. It’s raining a little out now & it’s cold & dark & it gives me a touch of home sickness. I still am looking for mail. Going to hit the sack early.


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