Sun, September 6, 1942

Went to 6:00 mass. Slept till 2:30. Took family to show. Don Triano and James Cane called. Don’s due to be reclassified. Went to bed at 1:30, didn’t sleep well. To excited I guess.

Mon, September 6, 1943

We boarded the boat for Ireland at 5:00 PM and it pulled out at 8:00. Boy was it crowded. Frank & I were the only Yanks on it. It was a very rough crossing and I came near getting sick. We arrived at Larne at 10:30 & boarded train for Belfast. We got here in time for dinner and after eating at the Red Cross we then found us a place with a private family. The lady’s name is Anderson and they live at 48 Stranmillis Rd. We got a lovely room and after cleaning up laid and slept until 8:00. We went down town and ate & then back & visited then until  ?.

Wed, September 6, 1944

Bombed marshaling yards Amiens, France. Culver


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