Tue, September 8, 1942

Got up early. Burned trash, watered lawn and all the trees. Went over to the studio to get my checks & bond money turned in. Got there at 5:00. Saw all the boys. Had a few with them. Took family to show.

Wed, September 8, 1943

Went to the show last nite and it was really good. We stopped in at the Ulster Hall & watched them dance. I danced one dance but the music was not to my liking so we took a Hanson Cab home. Got up this morning and ate then went over to the Botanical Gardens & took some pictures. We came back to our room at 1:00 and Mrs. Anderson fixed us tea. We visited the rest of the afternoon and then at 5:30 she gave us our dinner. We sure hated to leave there it was just like home. She got us 4 doz hankies at one of the stores. They were swell. Mr. Anderson got us 2 Irish linen table clothes. So we are all fixed up. We took the train to our boat and are now aboard in our cabins. They’re sure small but just the ticket. And am I tired. We are to be awakened at 6:00.


Fri, September 8, 1944

Bombed Boulogne, France. Gun emplacements. Mandy. Edwards.


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